“The three pillars of support for children are the home, the school and the community.”

Matilda Raffa Cuomo Do you remember someone special who encouraged you to believe in yourself, to try your best? Either a parent, a favorite teacher, or a friend, the mentor made a profound difference in your life. What better way to replay that kindness than to volunteer to be a mentor to a child in need of individual attention and guidance.

As we read daily, our schools cannot do it all for our children, particularly for those at risk, and neither can parents. Many of today’s children are confronted with poverty, substance abuse, teenage pregnancy, and separated families. Many lack the encouragement and support to envision positive alternatives. Many are at risk of dropping out of school, or lack the academic skills necessary to break the cycle of poverty. All these children need role models to make them feel special, to complete their education and to reach their full potential. The goal and success of Mentoring USA has been to support youth ages 7-21, and reduce the rate of drop-out, drug and alcohol abuse and teenage pregnancy.

When you join Mentoring USA, you help to make a real difference in a young person’s life and give them hope for the future. Mentoring USA will provide initial training and ongoing support to ensure a successful match.

For the well-being of our children, consider becoming a mentor.

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Matilda Raffa Cuomo’s life has been dedicated to service. As Founder of Mentoring USA, she has long been a respected and distinguished advocate on behalf of women, children and families.


In 1987 a statewide, non-partisan committee chaired by Matilda Raffa Cuomo, then First Lady of New York, established the New York State Mentoring Program.

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Mentoring USA is deeply grateful to our supporters and partners. They make it possible for so many young people to have a caring, nurturing adult in their life and to experience the workplace.

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