“A Mentor is the person who counted me in when everybody else counted me out.” – Jahari, 6th Grade Mentee from the Newark, NJ Eagle Academy for Young Men

Mentoring USA SpotlightJahari and Questlove

The stars came out for HELP USA’s Annual HELP Heroes Awards, which shined a special spotlight on Mentoring USA. Celebrity champions like Steve Buscemi, Bridget Moynahan, Michael Strahan, Questlove and Tony Bennett joined Mentoring USA Founder Mrs. Matilda Cuomo, and HELP USA & Mentoring USA leadership and donors to celebrate the work that the organizations do to end homelessness and promote mentoring. Jaharri, a student at the Newark Eagle Academy for Young Men and a MUSA mentee made a very impressive and memorable speech. Check out the pictures and share Storify from the Gala. Click: HERE.

National Financial Education Month

Did you know that children with personal saving accounts are seven times more likely to attend college than their peers?*

Just as squirrels save nuts to eat during the winter, saving money is about planning for the future. This month, Mentoring USA activities will incorporate money spending and saving options. With the resources and knowledge in developing their financial future your Mentees can plan for their own economic success!

*2012 Washington Monthly magazine research paper

Mentor Tip: Your Mentee would like to Borrow Money

Boundaries are constantly being tested in a relationship. This is a golden opportunity to talk to the Mentee about several aspects of money management, including spending habits, saving and ways to have fun without spending money. Once you give it is difficult to go back, and creating financial dependency may cause a rift in the relationship. Remember:

  • Your Mentee should value you for your friendship and not your pocketbook.
  • Discuss good spending habits and budgeting skills.
  • MUSA program policy prohibits from giving money to your Mentee.

By setting and maintaining your boundaries you help to create a safe framework for the mentoring relationship to grow. The more your Mentee is a witness to wise and thoughtful consideration concerning financial decisions, the better model you become. Be a Money Mentor!

Get Your Employees InvolvedKenneth Cole and Students

“My Brother’s Keeper”, the new White House initiative is aimed at helping young men and boys of color reach their full potential. President Obama’s call to action raises the importance of mentoring and calls on private philanthropies, businesses, governors, mayors, faith leaders, and nonprofit organizations to help make this program succeed. Mentoring USA partners with corporations as large as Bloomingdale’s andNASDAQ OMX to as small as Rand Architectural & Engineering,DPC in New York City with 85 employees! PLEASE introduce us to your company so that we can expand our corporate engagement program. Many new Program Sites are being developed for the fall 2014. Together we can help the youth in our communities succeed. Please email Jane Levy at:recruitment@mentoringusa.org for more information.

April Highlights

  • Mentoring USA, in partnership with City National Bank, and through support from the NASADAQ OMX Education Foundation, will host a pilot, school-based financial education summit on April 26th for Mentees and their parents at the Eagle Academy for Young Men- Newark in observance of Financial Education Month.
  • Career Days: Corporate Partners AOL and NASDAQ-OMX will begin to host career days with Mentees to explain and demonstrate how their education today will give them career options in the future.

Mentor Highlight: Valerie FernandesValerie F

Duncan PAL Mentor, Since 2010

“My experience has been enriching, rewarding, and has taught me a great many things about life. I want my Mentee to believe in herself and I want to be there to boost her self-esteem and provide the emotional support that will enable her to make positive life choices. Our Mentees are our future, and it is a privilege to care for these children. I recommend Mentoring to anyone who would like to reach out to our youth!”