“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”
~Winston Churchill
Novartis Corporate Mentors with
Mentoring USA Executive Director, Stephen Powell

Dear Mentors,
As a volunteer, you are vital to our organization. April 12th to 18th is National Volunteer Week and Mentoring USA would like to recognize our volunteers who have helped make a difference in the lives of America’s youth. So hold the date! May 27th for our annual recognition celebration! Look for an evite in your inbox soon.

Happy Spring,

Mentoring USA Team

Mentor Tip: Setting Expectations

The difference you make today may not be immediately apparent.Relationships tend to take shape over time and mentoring relationships are no exception. Don’t set yourself up for disappointment. There are numerous influences that face your Mentee on a daily basis. You may think you are not making any difference in your mentee’s life. She/He may seem to have the same behaviors and attitudes as when you first met. Look for little things. Do they thank you? Speak negatively about school? Or all of a sudden you might see pieces of yourself, little mannerisms, phrases or even the way you dress surface!Have patience. If you remain dedicated and set a positive example, your mentee will enjoy the many benefits this relationship can bring. Just having a supportive adult role-model can change the way a youth visualizes themselves in the future.

*Photo Left: Kenneth Cole Productions, Mentor Amanda Cole & PS 111 Mentees as featured in Vogue, April 2015 edition
*Photo Right: “Tie into Mentoring” at East Bronx Academy

Mentoring USA Program Highlights

March Mentoring Madness included:

  • New & exciting business plans were developed by the young entrepreneurs from Taft Elementary in Santa Anna, CA and their “assistant” Mentors from Bloomingdale’s South Coast Plaza
  • Fun & Games at Dave and Busters for the Rand Corporation Mentors and their NAC Group
  • Brooklyn, Manhattan and The Bronx were rescued by Super Hero Mentees from East New York, St Charles Borromeo and The Urban Assembly School for Wildlife Conservation
  • NY Junior League’s CHEF Committee put on their chef hats to bring healthy treats to the Stanley Isaac’s Community Center Program
  • Kenneth Cole Productions Mentors introduced their Mentees to “new” fruits and tasty treats
  • Respect Circles were practiced at the Stanley Isaac Program sites
  • Bank of America mocked up interview skills for their Mentees

*Photo: Stanley Issac Community Center Chefs for the Day

Mentor Highlight: Nancy Day

Nancy Day
St Charles Borromeo School
Mentor Since 2014
“I got involved with mentoring because I see young people hanging out on the street corner all day (even when school is in session!) and I wanted to connect in some way with the youth in my neighborhood.”This program has pulled me into feeling connected to my community. It has been great to interact with all the Mentees as well as all the other Mentors. I am the oldest Mentor in the group and still feel a bit unsure but at the end of the second session my Mentee came over, and put her arm around my shoulders, and gave me a hug. I couldn’t believe it. And, I just melted.

“I advise everyone to ‘Go for it!’ and become a Mentor. Having an objective, and outside person value you IS invaluable.”

MUSA Reminders

  • Visit the Mentoring USA Facebook page to view pictures from January’s Mentor Mingle.
  • Are you 55 or over? Learn about benefits available to Mentoring USA volunteers through the National & Community Service Corp. Contact Yvonne ypena@CSSNY.ORG or Jane atrecruitment@mentoringusa.org for additional information.
  • SAVE THE DATE: MAY 27th MENTOR RECOGNITION EVENT Invitation to follow.