Mentoring USA has an in-depth Mentor Training program. Volunteers learn about best practices in mentoring, including:

  • The role of a mentor
  • Building positive relationships with mentees
  • The importance of communication

Mentors are taught the protocol for handling red flag issues, and the boundaries that should exist within a mentoring relationship. The training’s primary goal is to prepare mentors from diverse backgrounds to work effectively with their mentees. All mentors are provided with a thorough understanding of their volunteer commitment along with the rules and regulations of participating in a Mentoring USA program.

The training is interactive and participants will engage in activities such as role plays and small group discussions.

This training is REQUIRED to begin mentoring and it is available ONLY for prospective mentors that have submitted an application. If you have not submitted a mentor application please click here to complete one today.

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While you’re no doubt excited to begin mentoring, there are many “what ifs” when starting a new program.

Bloomingdales #2

This program allows corporate employees to mentor children at work, or at a school or community center.

Happy Mentor and Mentee

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