“That’s the great thing about one-to-one mentoring. There’s a ripple effect. When you reach out to one person, you’re changing the course of not only that person’s life, but their children and their children’s children—and on and on.” –Robin Roberts

As role models, mentors demonstrate the tangible rewards of completing an education and the responsibility and benefits of being a productive member of society.

Can you make a one-year commitment to mentor a youth for one hour a week at a school, foster care agency, or community center in New York City? If yes, read on to learn how to become a mentor!

Four Steps to Becoming a Mentor

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While you’re no doubt excited to begin mentoring, there are many “what ifs” when starting a new program.

Bloomingdales #2

This program allows corporate employees to mentor children at work, or at a school or community center.

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