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Application Questions

Your responses to the following questions will help us determine whether you are a good fit for a Mentoring USA program and will help to match you with a mentee.

Do you have any experience volunteering or working with youth? If so, please specify *

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Please list three (3) references who you have known for at least one (1) year. One of these refrerences must be your current supervisor, if applicable. Relatives or Family members cannot be used as references. Please give complete addresses and phone numbers. References will be contacted by phone or mail. The information furnished to us by your references will remain strictly confidential. References are REQUIRED.

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Additional Personal History

Does your employer promote volunteer activities? If yes please explain.

Please indicate if you are willing to approach your employer about any of the following:

Are you adopted? *

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If you answered yes to either of the two questions: would you be interested in mentoring a young person in Foster Care or who is in the process of being Adopted?            

Background Screening

Mentoring USA's Mentors work with children. Therefore, we are required to screen our volunteers. Please respond to the following questions. Be aware that further screening paperwork as well as fingerprinting along with our mentor contract will be completed by all mentors at our Best Practices Training.

Mentoring USA allows applicants to disclose a criminal record during the application process. Having a criminal history does not preclude an individual from mentoring, however if it is not truthfully disclosed he/she will be considered ineligible to mentor. For further information please review our Screening Process(:Link to Screening Process)

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