Studies show that children who succeed despite enormous personal, economic or social obstacles often do so because of the presence of committed and competent role models who believe in them.

Sadly, too many of our nation’s children – our future leaders – are confronted with poverty, violence and separated families. What’s worse, many lack the encouragement and support needed to envision a better future and achieve their full potential. But the cycle can be stopped.

Mentoring closes the opportunity gap by providing children with gains in social skills and acceptance, increased academic performance, and even the motivation to become leaders and volunteers in their own communities.

Mentoring USA partners with corporations, schools, community centers, foster care agencies and other non-profits to match competent role models with children through one-to-one site-based mentoring programs. Our work creates a ripple effect that not only improves the life of an individual child, but also impacts families, neighborhoods, communities, and generations to come.

When mentors give children the self-esteem and guidance to believe in themselves, they can truly change the world. We hope you’ll join us.

Change a life. Support mentoring.

Based in New York City, Mentoring USA is a national non-profit serving communities in: New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Las Vegas, Newark, Denver,Philadelphia, Austin, Louisville and Washington DC.

We are proud to partner with AOL, Bloomingdale’s, Kenneth Cole, Verizon, NASDAQ, Macy’s, Open Society Foundation, and many more to expand our reach and help children to #Believe2Achieve their dreams.

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