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“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” — Maya Angelou

Happy New Year! Here at Mentoring USA, we couldn’t be more thrilled to start this year off right by celebrating National Mentoring Month!

Who mentored you? A teacher, a neighbor? Maybe a friend of the family? Whoever it may be, January is the month to reflect upon those important individuals, acknowledge them, and share about them with your community.

Will you help us spread the word? Help us let others know that mentoring works by sharing a little about your mentor on our Facebook page?

Tell us about a mentor of yours and how he or she made a difference in your life. Thank you for volunteering. You make a difference and you empower children to #Believe2Achieve. We’re all in this together. Happy New Year, and Happy National Mentoring Month!


Stephen Powell
Executive Director, Mentoring USA


Mentors are needed NOW for program sites starting this January! You can help support Mentoring USA recruitment efforts by spreading the word on social media. If you haven’t yet, please Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

Be sure to join our new campaign: #Believe2Achieve to empower children. Take the Pledge by clicking HERE and invite friends, and family to pledge as well.

Here are some important dates, mark your calendars!

  • January 9th is “I am a Mentor Day” Share your experience on Social media by using the hashtags #SomeoneWhoMatters #Believe2Achieve and #MentoringWorks. If you tag @MentoringUSA in your tweets, we’ll give you a shout out by re-tweeting your tweets.
  • January 16th is “Thank your Mentor Day”. Think about the mentors in your life, send them a thank you note or thank them on social media and be sure to use #Believe2Achieve so we can help you thank them on social media.
  • January 20th is MLK Day of Service. Encourage friends, colleagues, and families to mentor and share our website with someone you know.

Tell us what you’re doing in your community too by Tweeting us or posting on Facebook or Instagram with the #Believe2Achieve hashtag.
Mentoring changes lives – but it also impacts schools, neighborhoods, and communities for generations to come.


Mentoring Works

The 2014 National Mentoring Summit theme is Mentoring Works. The summit convenes in Arlington Virginia and brings together practitioners, researchers, corporate partners, government and civic leaders, national youth-serving organizations, and the network of Mentoring Partnerships in a forum to explore, and advance mentoring’s positive impact on individuals and communities.


January is a time of looking back and moving forward. You might feel frustrated by the struggles that you see your mentee is going through and don’t know how to make it easier or less painful. You can be here for your mentees; to confide; to advise; to support. But you are not here to take away their pain, solve their problems or force their growth.

Life is a process by which we are molded. TRUST THE PROCESS.

Just know that without you, your mentee would still be going through the same struggles. With you they have someone to talk to, someone to encourage, and someone to believe in them. Don’t underestimate your value!


  • January 7th at 3:15pm ET our Founder and Chairwoman Matilda Raffa Cuomo, Executive Director Stephen Powell and students from the Eagle Academy will ring the NASDAQ OMX Stock Market Closing Bell! You can join us online. Click HERE for more details. Follow @MentoringUSA and use the hashtag #Believe2Achieve to chime in! You might appear on the NASDAQ Tower in Times Square!”
  • Visit the Mentoring USA window display at Bloomingdales Flagstaff store at 59th Street & Lexington Ave. in NYC! Colorful portraits created by Mentees of their Bloomingdale employee Mentor will adorn the windows . …Remember to stroll by!
  • Welcome! Our New Partners: AOL, NASDAQ & THE NASDAQ Foundation, Macy’s, Delta, Nassau County, Long Island, and The LGBTQ Community Center


Pecolia Gortman, Verizon/PS 154 MentorPortia Gortman

Pecolia retired from Verizon last year but is still supporting Mentoring USA.

“Being a part of the mentoring program for over 15 years has been incredibly rewarding. Watching the children grow and being there to support and prepare them for entering middle school has been something that I’ve always cherished. Especially when we see the results of building their self-esteem, improving their communication skills and assisting in their educational growth by removing or decreasing anxieties related to subjects like Math. Investing a little bit of time makes a big difference. It’s only 2 hours a week.”