Matilda Raffa Cuomo at Mentoring USA-ItaliaMatilda Raffa Cuomo, founder of Mentoring USA and Mentoring USA-Italia, speaks to a group of mentoring supporters during a charity reception at the Sanacafe Restaurant in Rome, Italy (pictured left). Mrs. Cuomo traveled to Italy in May for a series of meetings and programs with business leaders, educators, and government officials to encourage the establishment of more local mentoring programs for Italian children.

During the event, she was honored for her decades of service and commitment in helping to meet the mentoring needs of young people through Mentoring USA and its international affiliates.

Mrs. Cuomo, who served as New York First Lady during her husband Mario’s tenure as Governor of New York State, is one of 10 American women who will be inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame in September for her leadership role and for her international initiatives that have heightened visibility to such causes as children’s rights, volunteerism and mentoring.


IMG_4018Sergio Cuomo, President of Mentoring USA-Italia, introduces Mrs. Franca Gandolfi Modugno at a charity event at the Sanacafe Restaurant in Rome, Italy, in May (pictured left). Mrs. Modugno, widow of Italian singer/songwriter Domenico Modugno of Volare fame, is a strong supporter of Mentoring USA-Italia.

During the reception honoring Mentoring USA-Italia Founder Matilda Raffa Cuomo, Sergio Cuomo announced the establishment of a mentoring program in Rome sponsored by the GAP innovative business strategy and technology company. GAP Administrative Director Andrea De Calisti was on hand for the news announcement.

Also unveiled was a new mentoring program in the city of Rome sponsored by the all-organic Sanacafe Restaurant and the PhiMek (Philosophy Mediterranean Kitchen) organization, which co-hosted the mentoring charity event.

Italian business leader Alfonso Ruffo, who helped organize Mrs. Cuomo’s visit to Italy, was recognized for his active role and long-time interest in promoting Mentoring USA-Italia.