“People may not remember exactly what you did or what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel.” -Author unknown

National Physical Fitness and Sports MonthFitness

Spring is here and there can’t be a better time to celebrate physical activity as the warm weather and sunshine make their way into our lives!

There are many ways to engage in exercise and Mentoring USA is helping bring those to our programs sites. Field days with team building activities are being planned at Stanley Isaac Community Center.  New Alternatives for Children is rejuvenating the inner self with a Yoga Session. The Center is taking a field trip to Queens for an evening of indoor Rock Climbing. And, MUSA has partnered with the US Tennis Association to give a series of lessons to Mentees at the I Have a Dream in East Harlem.

We encourage our Mentors to take some time for themselves.

The Respect InstituteRespect

Did you know the root meaning of the word RESPECT means: to look again? What if everyone could look at themselves and know they’re valuable and worthy of respect? What if they “looked again” at others with compassion and treated them with respect?

Mentoring USA is very excited to be partnering with the Respect Institute and bringing the RESPECT Program to our mentoring sites.

Self-respect can break the cycle of disrespect which can be the cause of bullying, violence, abuse, inequality, poverty, poor health, unhealthy relationships, inadequate education and low self-esteem.

As a Mentor, this is a perfect opportunity to redefine and practice respect with your Mentee. By breaking the cycle of disrespect we can bring about social change in our communities. Want more information? Check out the Respite Institute here.

Mentor Tip: Coming to ClosureClosure

The phrase “coming to closure” suggests a process. In the mentoring relationship, good closure is synonymous with learning and development. Closure is essential for growth and dealing with it together and directly is critical for a successful mentoring relationship

Each mentoring relationship is individual and the need for closure varies, but the importance of the “closure conversation” cannot be over emphasized. It is during this conversation that learning takes place. Be vocal in your appreciation. Celebrate your accomplishments together.

Help your Mentee to express his or her emotions. For example, if you and your Mentee enjoyed your time together, you might say something like: “I am going to really miss you. I have enjoyed our time together.”

However, you must be honest. If your time together was all right but not great, then don’t lie and say that you are going to be sad that this is over and perhaps focus on an activity that was special to you during one of your meetings. Also, do not expect your Mentee to reciprocate, as they still might not feel comfortable sharing their emotions.

Young people today have many adults that come and go in their lives. Very rarely are they provided with the opportunity to properly say goodbye. Mentoring USA provides closure activities and a celebration for the final session to make the process easy and enjoyable.

Mother’s Day is May 10th

Thank you for helping our Social Media networks to grow This Mothers Day, celebrate all the moms who act as mentors (for their kids and for others)–and all the mentors who go the extra mile to provide maternal guidance to their Mentees.

Mentor Highlight: Esther RamosEsther

Washington Irving HS Mentor since 2010

“Brewing inside each Mentee that I meet every year are goals and ambitions. As a mentor I enjoy guiding them on their individual path. The mentoring process has helped me develop a further understanding of sharing and learning, and how to be open and receptive. My Mentees have kept me stimulated, feeling alive and refreshed. I learn something new every time we meet!”