“If you light a lamp for someone it will also brighten your own path.”
– Buddhist Proverb
Nasdaq Corporate Mentors with students
from I Have a Dream: DeHostos-Wise School

Dear Mentors,
Longer days and warmer breezes are here! After a very long winter, spring has officially arrived. What better time than now to focus on new beginnings. Continue to cultivate and focus on the positive with your Mentees, and not what needs fixing or is not working. Warm up by exploring favorite spring traditions with your Mentee to create a positive and optimistic attitude as you move forward toward the end of the academic year.

Congratulations to the Novartis Employee Mentors for being recognized for their extraordinary and dedicated service by the East Hanover Township School District, New Jersey.

Mentoring USA is celebrating YOU this spring at our annual recognition event on May 27th from 6:00 to 8:00 PM at Ainsworth Park, NYC, Fun, Food, Drinks, Raffles and More!  We look forward to celebrating all the warmth that you have brought to you Mentees throughout this very cold academic year.

Happy Spring,
Mentoring USA Team

Mentor Tip: Closure

How do I bring closure to the relationship?

Closure can be difficult but it is an essential component of the mentoring relationship. Often closure can be overlooked due to the fact that the mentoring pair may be meeting infrequently and it can be a natural inclination to let the relationship fade away.Closure is essential for growth and dealing with it together and directly is critical. It is during this conversation that learning takes place. Be vocal in your appreciation. Celebrate your accomplishments together.

Help your Mentee to express his or her emotions. For example, if you and your Mentee enjoyed your time together, you might say something like: “I am going to really miss you. I have enjoyed our time together.”

However, you must be honest. If your time together was all right but not great, then don’t lie and say that you are going to be sad that this is over but perhaps focus on an activity that was special to you during one of your meetings. Also, do not expect your Mentee to reciprocate, as they still might not feel comfortable sharing their emotions.

Young people today have many adults that come and go in their lives. Very rarely are they provided with the opportunity to properly say goodbye. Mentoring USA provides reflective closure activities and a celebration for the final session to make the process easy and enjoyable.

*Photos: IHAD: PS 7 Program Site

Mentoring USA Program Highlights

Mentors and Mentees took advantage of the April Activities:

  • Kenneth Cole Productions’ young “interns” from PS 111 designed their own shoes with Kenneth Cole!
  • Eggs dropped and cracked on the St Ann School STEM day as the Mentees experimented with the Force of Gravity
  • Mentees shared their neighborhood with their Mentors as they toured the community.
  • Senior Dreamers from I Have a Dream Foundation-DeHostos-Wise School were taught first-hand by Nasdaq employees on how the stock market and Nasdaq work at Career Day.
  • Students from I Have a Dream Foundation: Chelsea-Elliott II School & Comprehensive Development, Inc. developed their future business plans with the Bank of America employees
  • The Men of Color Summit in Newark, NJ was hosted by Mentoring USA Executive Director, Stephen Powell
  • Creative Comic Strips were created at I Have a Dream: PS 7
  • Mentees did yoga stretches with Mentor Lauren Coles, owner of Daisy Yoga at various program sites in NYC.

*Photo Left: Kenneth Cole designing shoes with a student from PS 111
*Photo Right: Gravity tested at St Ann School

Mentor Highlight: Selenna Miller

Selenna Miller
Mentor Since 2012

“I got involved in mentoring because I wanted to give a young person an opportunity that I didn’t have growing up. I wanted to make a difference by encouraging and inspiring a young person to go after whatever they wanted to do in life and not be afraid. It is profound and brings me tears when I remember my Mentee finally opening up and trusting me.

Mentoring is just a few hours a month but a simple joy in this big world that last a life time. There is a child that needs that one word, that one encouraging phase, that one person that believes in his/her dream and it will make a huge impact in their future. It may stop them from making a bad choice in their life just because somebody believes in them and they don’t want to disappoint. The possibilities are endless but if you don’t see immediate gratification, trust me it comes sooner or later. I can’t even explain the feeling I get when I know that I am going to see my Mentee!”

MUSA Reminders

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