Kevin Fitzpatrick has been a devoted Mentoring USA mentor since 1999. Volunteering at the Duncan PAL Community Center, Kevin has mentored numerous youth throughout the years and has been matched with his current mentee, Mathew, for the last 3 years. Kevin has not only been a reliable presence for Mathew during scheduled mentoring sessions, but he has taken him to ball games, comic book conventions and even developed a relationship with his family. Kevin, a 42 year old writer, took a few minutes to reflect on the importance mentors have had in his life. “At different stages in my life I’ve had mentors who helped me. In high school, it was my school newspaper adviser who encouraged me to work harder. In college, it was an English professor who helped me to see the bigger picture of life beyond the campus. Today, I have a professional mentor, an author who inspires me to be a better writer. I always think a mentor is someone to learn from and emulate.”