April 24, 2015: NASDAQ and Bank of America  employees helped Mentoring USA mentees underscore the value of financial literacy.  Through Mentoring USA’s Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship Guide, our young people learn the importance of establishing and maintaining healthy financial habits from a young age and our incredible mentors reinforce these skills and values.

Mentoring USA’s 2nd Annual Career Day with Nasdaq was celebrated with the students from I Have A Dream: DeHostos-Wise School. Bound for college, the students had an opportunity to meet individually with Nasdaq employees and learn firsthand about how Nasdaq works, the corporate environment and career opportunities. Nasdaq employees shared their own career paths and explored the options the “Dreamers” have in creating their own futures.

Bank of America shined the spotlight on financial education yesterday through a strategic working session and developing a business plan with young people from ‘I Have A Dream’ Foundation-Chelsea Elliott II & Comprehensive Development, Inc.

As it was also Earth Day, the youth learned how a large corporation like Bank of America does its part to ensure environmental sustainability. First, they heard about Bank of America’s new campaign to educate and encourage employees in six markets to recycle at work. Then, they were able to see how the New York City office will be collecting their plastic bottles, lunch containers and other recyclable material to be repurposed by a local artist into chandeliers and other forms of art. Below is a picture of the group in front of this display.