Mentoring USA partnered with Goldman Sachs Community TeamWorks (CTW) volunteers and brought them together with mentees for a day of activities centered on helping mentees navigate their professional futures. On May 13, 2010 youth from NY Foundling participated in the Goldman Sachs Community TeamWorks project, Career Mentor for a Day. The individual perspectives and knowledge that CTW volunteers applied to the activities enriched the experience for mentees and made the day both informative and enjoyable.

During the morning, the CTW volunteers participated in a career panel in which they explained their current professions, their typical day on the job and what they enjoy most about their work. CTW volunteers also discussed the paths to their current professions, including their educational backgrounds, and offered words of advice to mentees interested in their specific work as a future profession.

Goldman Sachs mentor facilitating.The afternoon consisted of a self-assessment workshop; resume workshop, and interviewing workshop. The self-assessment workshop included exercises that helped identify the skills, interests, and values of the mentees. The CTW volunteers guided mentees through several activities designed to help them construct their first resumes. The concluding activity of the day was an interviewing workshop in which the mentees and the CTW volunteers completed a mock interview exercise. An evaluation of the exercise allowed mentees to receive constructive feedback from the CTW volunteers on their performance.

Mentees left the unique experience with a breadth of new knowledge about various professions and the encouragement to explore their career interests further. The resume and interviewing workshops also provided the mentees with a thorough introduction to the necessary skills they will need to develop as they navigate their professional futures. Mentoring USA is truly grateful for the time and energy that the CTW volunteers devoted to share their knowledge and experiences with the NY Foundling mentees.

About Goldman Sachs Community TeamWorks
Since 1997, Goldman Sachs has been committed to assisting those in need and the communities around the world through volunteer endeavors and partnerships with nonprofit organizations. Community TeamWorks embodies this commitment and gives our people time off each year to volunteer in team-based projects coordinated with local nonprofit organizations.