In 1998 “Mentoring USA/Italia” – Onlus, was founded by Mrs. Matilda Raffa Cuomo: its President is Sergio Cuomo.

Over the twelve years of activity more than 8000 young Italians, working with as many volunteer Mentors, have benefited from the one-to-one method which is the basis of the educative intervention.

This is thanks to the work of School Directors, Teachers, Experts and Volunteers with appropriate training and support of both public and private bodies; the activities have been monitored by the University “La Sapienza” of Rome and the “University of Studies of Salerno”.

In 2004 the President of the Republic of Italy awarded a medal for the social mission of Mentoring USA/Italia—Onlus.

This year Mrs. Matilda Raffa Cuomo’s one-to-one method, through Mentoring USA/Italia, reached Spain; in April the first training sessions were held in the Algeciras (Andalucia) for volunteer Mentors who will operate during the next school year in school in the Spanish city.

The establishing of Mentoring Espana has been the strong desire of Mrs. Cuomo since the years when she was First Lady of the State of New York, and when during a meeting with Queen Sofia, she presented the Mentoring method.

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