Mentoring USA is preparing to begin the 26th school year of programs providing youth with adult mentors. Mentoring USA, is a one-to-one, site-based mentoring with a proven track record of success as demonstrated in 100% of the mentees moving on to the next grade level the past three consecutive school years.

Students mentees engage with their mentors through activities provided by Mentoring USA’s renowned curriculum that focuses on fostering an appreciation for diversity, building self-esteem, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and financial literacy and responsibility.

Stephen Powell, Mentoring USA Executive Director said, “Mentoring USA has been integral in helping thousands of children reach their potential through simply providing an adult role model in the form of a mentor. We look forward to another school year of successes for our mentees and mentors alike.”

Mentoring USA will enter the 2013-14 school year continuing as the exclusive mentoring organization partner for an innovative wraparound mentoring program launched in partnership with the Young Men’s Initiative by NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Mentoring USA is also honored to partner with NASDAQ OMX Education Foundation in a financial education initiative; as well as remaining a participant in the White House “Corporate Mentoring Challenge”, a program targeting youth in America’s lowest performing schools.

Matilda Raffa Cuomo, Mentoring USA founder and chairwoman remarked, “We are proud of our continued efforts to provide youth with adult mentors. The impact of a mentor can last a lifetime and we are happy to enable so many children to develop such important relationships.”

Mentoring USA is one of the programs under HELP USA, a national leader serving our nation’s families, children-at-risk, veterans and continuing the fight to end homelessness and poverty among families and victims of domestic violence. President Bill Clinton recently called HELP USA “a model for the 21st century”. Mentoring USA has also developed a comprehensive anti-bullying program that helps “bully-proof” America’s youth by providing positive support systems and effective strategies to combat bullying.

Mentoring USA currently serves the following cities with mentoring programs and technical assistance and support: New York City, Los Angeles CA, Costa Mesa CA, Wilmington DE, Orlando FL, Louisville KY, Chicago, IL, Silver Spring MD, Newark NJ, Plainfield, NJ, Las Vegas NV, Philadelphia PA and Houston TX. Mentoring USA also helps underserved children internationally through its affiliates Mentoring Italia and Mentoring Espana with mentoring programs in Europe, including in Italy, Spain, Morocco, Belgium and Latvia.