Mentoring USA Shines the Spotlight on its Financial Education and Entrepreneurship Focus for Mentees this week

January 12, 2015 (New York, NY) – Underscoring its commitment to ensuring young people have a solid background in financial education and the benefits of entrepreneurship, Mentoring USA is shining the spotlight on its financial education activities this week. This is the second week of National Mentoring Month.

“Mentoring USA’s financial education and entrepreneurship curriculum ensures young people have the tools they need to be successful. Financial education is critical for young people – and especially underserved youth who do not get this kind of education in their homes; those young people aging out of the foster care system who will soon be solely responsible for their financial decisions; for youth whose families who have been homeless; and for youth from working poor families. The opportunity to educate mentees about economics, financial responsibility, entrepreneurship, and investment options will help combat the devastating cycle of poverty that many of our youth face,” states Stephen Powell, Executive Director of Mentoring USA

This week Mentoring USA will be making some exciting announcements and engaging in a thrilling event around the importance of mentees learning about finances. For more information about Mentoring USA’s Financial and Entrepreneurship Curriculum, click here.

In addition to financial education and entrepreneurship, Mentoring USA mentees engage in four other areas of focus with mentees: maintaining healthy lifestyles (which was highlighted in week one of National Mentoring Month); fostering an appreciation for diversity and respect for others; building self-esteem; and anti-bullying activities.