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What: Innovation & Impact Forum for Black Male Achievement, hosted by the Open Society Foundations Campaign for Black Male Achievement (CBMA). CBMA will be honoring Ron Crawford, a Mentoring USA mentor from Verizon with the MLK Drum Major for Service Award at the October 3rd Innovation & Impact Forum for Black Male Achievement. The actual award ceremony will take place between 10-11am.

When: Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012, 8 AM-6 PM

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Info from MUSA Mentor being honored:

Ron Crawford is a Bronx native, who lived in public housing and graduated from Evander Childs High School. After earning his Bachelor’s degree from Hampton University, Ron got a job at Verizon, and has since retired. Ron has been involved in the Mentoring USA -Verizon mentoring program at PS 154 in Harlem for over ten years. His decision to become a mentor was prompted by his desire to give back to the community that had invested so much in his own success. Ron felt that by becoming a mentor, he would help someone else achieve the success he was lucky enough to have.

“Throughout my mentoring experience I am always amazed at the growth and positive transformation that takes place in just 8 months. I incorporate my love for photography with our sessions, which I find increases self-confidence, provides positive memories and, in many cases serves as a catalyst for learning. In addition, I must say that mentoring is very therapeutic for me because the mentees always seem to be honest, refreshing and possessed of that inherent youthful energy which can be contagious. As a result, the benefits seem to be reciprocal. I have seen my mentees progress not only in their studies but also as people who are respectful and open to exploring the unlimited opportunities that make for a well-rounded life. That, in turn, serves as my impetus to continue being involved in a program which I feel, with increased participation can affect a significantly positive change in our society.” – Ron Crawford, MUSA Mentor

About Mentoring USA:

Founded by former first lady of the state of New York, Matilda Raffa Cuomo, in 1987, Mentoring USA is a structured, site-based, mentoring organization that partners with public schools, nonprofit organizations, foster care agencies, housing facilities, and community centers to provide supervised site based one-to-one mentoring to at-risk youth. Mentoring USA matches youth ages 7-21 with inspirational adult mentors who guide them in developing better self-esteem, creating healthy relationships, and making positive life choices.