Anti-Bullying Initiatives

Each week, we’re highlighting one initiative that mentors and mentees take part in to build strong, supportive relationships. This week’s spotlight is on our anti-bullying initiatives,

One of the most impactful ways mentors can influence mentees is by modeling positive behaviors that help them learn to respect themselves and others, leading to stronger relationships with family and peers and productive conflict resolution skills. Mentoring USA’s respect initiative includes Bias-Related Anti-Violence Education™ (BRAVE™), a 3-hour training for our positive adult mentors, teaching them to support mentees to value diversity and to live without hate and bullying; and The Respect Institute’s Respect360 program, in which mentees, with support from their mentors, explore redefining respect, understanding the role intolerance and cliques play in bullying, setting boundaries and being compassionate, getting help and having courage, and setting goals and building leadership.

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Program Site Spotlight: “I Have a Dream” Foundation


This week’s featured program site is the “I Have A Dream” Foundation – New York (IHDF-NY), whose mission is to motivate and empower children living in low-income communities to reach their educational and career potential by providing a long-term program of academic support, mentoring, enrichment, and tuition assistance for higher education.

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Partner Highlight: WWE

WWE Logo


We’re proud to be a Be a STAR (Show Tolerance And Respect) Alliance Member and thank WWE for their support during National Mentoring Month.

WWE LIVE at the IZOD Center

To kick off the final week of National Mentoring Month, WWE featured Mentoring USA during their WWE LIVE event at the IZOD Center on Saturday, January 26.

Titus O’Neil: A Mentoring Superstar

This week, WWE Superstar Titus O’Neil wrote a blog post thanking his mentor, Charles Frank Blalock, and discussing the incredible impact mentoring had on him as a teenager. Read an excerpt below, and click here to view the full post!

A mentor is defined as someone who is an experienced and trusted advisor, but the meaning of being a mentor far exceeds anything that can be put into words. It is much more than any physical act or time spent. It is about putting yourself out there unselfishly and making someone feel not only comfortable and confident, but also more relevant than they had prior to meeting that mentor.

When I was 13 years old, I was constantly in trouble and didn’t have much positive direction. I was a student at the Florida Sheriffs Boys Ranch where I met a man named Charles Frank Blalock who at the time served as the Superintendent of Schools in Suwannee County. Mr. Blalock immediately saw something in me that I didn’t see in myself: the potential to be a great man. The advice, guidance and love given to me by Mr. Blalock were priceless and his impact on my life has been undeniable.

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National Mentoring Summit

This week, we were delighted to attend the National Mentoring Summit in Washington, DC – check out some highlights below, and be sure to follow us on Twitter at @MentoringUSA!