Each mentor, guided by the framework provided by Mentoring USA, develops a unique mentoring relationship with his or her mentee based on mutual respect and shared interests. Through crucial conversations, targeted discussions, and developmentally appropriate activities, mentors work with the youth to develop competencies and life skills such as constructive conflict resolution, good decision making, and effective interpersonal communications.

Our Programs

General Mentoring

Mentoring USA’s programs are built around the following core elements:

Through our Career Days and Workplace Mentoring program, young people receive guidance and mentoring through structured activities, job shadowing, skills-based mentoring, and educational initiatives. Learn more.
Our Financial Education Initiative helps young people learn more about financial basics and navigate the fundamentals of personal finance, and encourages personal financial responsibility. Learn more.
This core program component focuses on improving mentees’ self-efficacy, combatting school dropout, and helping mentees make the connection between their current school experience and the outcomes they can achieve later in life. Learn more.
This program focuses on developing good exercise habits, nutrition and healthy lifestyles knowledge and awareness, and improved self-esteem. Learn more.
One of the most impactful ways mentors can influence mentees is by modeling positive behaviors that help them learn to respect themselves and others. Learn more.

By working as a group or in dyads on a specific topic, (1) mentors have the opportunity to assess and improve on their mentees learning /reading / writing levels; (2) we introduce content that is relevant to young people and help mentees to build concrete understanding and skills of the topics; and (3) we provide opportunities to integrate outside speakers and resources.