DO: Follow and like Mentoring USA’s Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and Facebook & engage with our campaign hashtag—#Believe2Achieve.

DON’T: Follow, like, or directly interact with mentees on social media

Tell your Mentor story online—and share it with your communities. Use hashtags—like #Believe2Achieve—that act as gathering points for conversations on mentoring and related issues.


DO: Share photos and graphics that are posted on Mentoring USA’s Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram pages.

DON’T: Post photos of your Mentees on social media.

Photos perform really well on social media, but because we’re working with children, we have to be sensitive to privacy & confidentiality concerns. Share content from the Mentoring USA page—which is all created in accordance to the organization’s privacy standards. When posting your own photos, stick to shots of artwork or other images that do not include faces and identifying features of Mentees.


DO: Keep your posts short (even when you’re on platforms like Facebook that don’t have a specific character limit).

DON’T: Forget to tag Mentoring USA and use #Believe2Achieve in your posts to expand your reach!

Brevity is the soul of wit—and Facebook rewards that. Enhance the odds that your posts will be seen more widely by keeping them short.


DO: Share Instagram photos directly to Facebook.

DON’T: Share Instagram photos directly to Twitter.

Instagram shares seamlessly to Facebook, but not to Twitter. Rather than hitting the share on Twitter button in your Instagram app, save the photo and upload it through Twitter, so that it appears in your followers’ Twitter stream and has a better chance of being retweeted.


DO: Include friends, family, & organizations in tweets.

DON’T: Start a tweet with an “@”.

It’s good to shout out people and organizations on Twitter, but if you start a Tweet with an “@” symbol, the tweet will only be seen by people following both you and the person/organization you’re tweeting to. Instead, put a “.” in front of your tweet so more people can see and engage.