Edited by Matilda Raffa Cuomo

Foreword by Hillary Rodham Clinton

Available January 2011 for National Mentoring Month

Mentoring has the power to make a significant difference in young person’s life. Mentors act as positive adult role models, nurture our youth through the more challenging times, and help them navigate towards a successful adult life. In the updated and expanded edition of THE PERSON WHO CHANGED MY LIFE (Rodale Books; Paperback; $16.99; 218 pgs; ISBN: 978-1-60529-122-2) edited by Matilda Raffa Cuomo, with a foreword by Hillary Rodham Clinton, some of the biggest names in the world of entertainment, politics, media, advocacy and fashion write about the men and women who have served as their mentors This new edition includes essays from a wide range of highly successful people including:

*Meredith Vieira, former TODAY Show host – “Howard Stringer, well known today as the legendary broadcast journalist, producer, and executive of Sony Corporation…He was the one who helped me polish my writing and reporting skills. He was my biggest fan from the beginning…Like a true mentor, he didn’t give me my voice, but he helped define it, nurture it, and develop it.”

*Al Roker, host and weatherman, TODAY Show – “In my professional life, I would have to say my mentor is Willard Scott. He’s like a second father to me…One of the best pieces of professional advice he gave me, that can also translate to your private life, is to always be yourself. I learned this truth from Willard because at the end of the day, that’s all you got.”

*Alice Waters, chef, author and proprietor of Chez Panisse Restaurant in Berkeley, CA – “Everything about Lulu [Peyraud] – her infectious laughter, her celebration of life at the table, her deep love for the Provencal countryside—was like something out of the movies…Her example over the years has profoundly shaped my own life. Both at Chez Panisse and at home, I try to remain connected to the earth, going first to the garden and the fields for inspiration and letting the food speak for itself…I am trying to live the way Lulu lives, how she has always lived: artfully, simply, and with grace.”

In their moving and evocative essays, these distinguished contributors demonstrate the lasting impact a mentor can have and emphasize the importance of passing on the gifts our mentors gave us.

Matilda Raffa Cuomo is the former First Lady of New York State. In 2011, she received the Eleanor Roosevelt Val-Kill Medal Award. In 1987 Mrs. Cuomo established the first statewide, school-based New York State mentoring program to prevent students from dropping out. In 1995, the program evolved into Mentoring USA, a national and international nonprofit organization dedicated to implementing mentoring programs for children in need. The program matches youths with inspirational trained adult mentors to guide them in making positive life choices. Governor and Mrs. Cuomo reside in New York City. They have five children and fourteen grandchildren.

About Mentoring USA: For the last two decades, Mentoring USA’s mission has been to create positive mentor relationships for youth ages seven to twenty-one through a structured, site-based model. Mentoring USA encourages vulnerable youth to stay in school with the support of one-to-one consistent relationships. Mentors, along with the help of Mentoring USA’s professional staff, work to ensure a productive lifestyle and a hopeful outlook for the child. The comprehensive mentoring program trains mentors to guide their mentees in building strong self-esteem, developing a healthy lifestyle, gaining respect for self and others, understanding diversity, building financial literacy, and making positive life choices.